When was basketball invented? A glance at the history of basketball

When was basketball invented

Basketball is among the sports that are popular all over the globe. There are thousands of people that play this game each day. As a fan of basketball, you may wish to know about the history of the game. A question may pop up in your mind that when was basketball invented? Who was the person that played the game for the first time? If you have ever asked such questions from yourself, then you are at the right place. Here, we are going to discuss the history of basketball.

The invention of basketball

Basketball was first played back in 1891. The place from where the game originated was Springfield, Massachusetts. There was a Canadian physical education instructor who is known as the inventor of this game. Names as James Naismith, the person was said to be trying to find out a sport that is less injury-prone as compared to football. So, with his attempts, he came up with the idea and sport known as basketball.

From its start in 1891, the game became quickly popular, and the establishment was sudden. Along with the progress of 20th century, the game started to make its mark. First, it was in America that the basketball became common in colleges, schools, and universities. And from there to all over the globe, basketball started gaining fame.

The professional sports

The game was not played on a professional level in the start. However, after looking at the pace on which the game was being established and a number of people that were interested in playing it, the American National Basketball Association came into formation. It was in 1946 that the NBA started and as we reached towards the end of the century, the company grew to be a multibillion-dollar platform. Today, the game has become a strong part of American culture.

What led to the invention of the game?

The game which we all know today as the basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith. It was in December of 1891 when the athletes of the area were training. The atmosphere was pretty cold, and he was looking to come up with a that, along with soccer, can prove to be beneficial for the athletes. However, he was also willing to come up with a sport that is less injury-prone when we compare it to soccer (as when you play football in cold conditions your exposure to injuries increases). At that time, he came up with 13 rules for the game. There were 18 players that Dr. James Naismith had at that time. So, he split them in half to make two teams each of 9 players. At the start, there was a basket that he attacked with the lower railing of gym balcony. Whenever the ball was put into a basket, the play was to be halted as a janitor has to come with a ladder to get the ball back. Later, the bottom of the basket was removed.

The above is some information on when was basketball invented and who was its inventor. In case that there is any other question, you can ask in the comments section below.

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