Some tips on how to improve eyesight and have better vision

how to improve eyesight

Eyesight problem is common with the people of the modern world. Today, we use a lot of gadgets and technology that put a negative impact on our vision. For example, we may spend hours in front of our television set or glued to our couch browsing social networking apps on our smartphones. Or maybe you work in an office where you need to spend several hours in front of the computer. And it’s not only gadget and technology, even when we get good books and similar stuff, we tend to put a lot of burden on our eyes. Thus, it is of no surprise that today, a lot of people among us have glasses on. Many individuals find it irritating to wear glasses and wish to improve the eyesight. So, here we tell you how to improve eyesight.

Eat healthy

The wellbeing of our body relies heavily on what we are consuming today. There are a lot of people who do not pay heed to their diet. These people neglect the importance of the fact that our body needs particular minerals to keep operating in a decent manner. If we are not supplying those nutrients in sufficient amounts, they will stop operating appropriately. It is just like you are giving fluctuating or less power to a machine. When the power supply is not good, the machine won’t work the way it is meant to be. Thus, feeding your body righteously will put a huge impact on your vision. Try to have meals that are rich in vitamins A, C and lutein.

Keep yourself hydrated

There are some people who have vision problem as their eyes tend to get dry. They may also experience blur vision as the eyes may get tired. If you are also among such people, just make sure that you are supplying sufficient water to your body. The water intake should be decent throughout the day. Some people think that washing face is enough. However, if you have time, ensure that you fill your mouth with water before splashing it out. It will create a feeling of being fresh in your mind. Whenever you come out from the surroundings where the temperature is pretty high, do not forget to wash your eyes. If possible, wash them with cold water as you come out of a hot place.

Eye exercises

Some people find it a joke that there are few actions that one may actually refer to as the eye exercises. For them, it is a mere term that refers to nothing. However, you need to know that there are a few things which you may wish to do. These will improve your vision at least for a while. Rub your hands together to create heat which will be a result of friction between the palms of your hands. Then place it gently on your eyes. Moreover, you can just relax your eyes. You should consider that the exercises, which include relaxation, the closing of your eyes and the one mentioned above, must be done where light cannot enter your eyes. These are highly significant if you spend several hours in front of computers.

The beta-carotene

Beta-carotene helps a lot in correcting your vision and improving your eye health. You must look for the meals and foods that can serve this particular element to your body. The beta-carotene can be best obtained from carrots and foods that come with an orange hue. Some people may also ask you to consume food that is rich in Omega 3. However, do not commit this mistake. The fatty acids are your go to elements as they hinder the age-related eye problems.

Avoid sugary foods

Sugary foods are not good for your vision. The eyesight will have a negative impact on the sugary food. If you keep sugar consumption high, your eyesight problem will become worse. Moreover, it is not just about sugar. One should also avoid smoking. It is because according to researchers, smoking increases the risk of problems associated with aging. It also includes the optic nerve damage which directly affects your vision.

Tricking your eyes

If you want to feel better in concern with the vision, try focusing on objects that are far from you after a while. One may stare at a board or a desk which is on the other side of the room or around 20 feet away from you. Keep staring at it for a while and try focusing on it more and more. You will be surprised to see how much better you feel by doing it. However, if anyone gives you advice that ‘try staring at gadgets for a long time,’ you should not listen. While you are using your computers you must lower the brightness level. The less bright your screen is, the less strain there will be on your eyes.

Last tip

Last but not the least, if you have bilberry available, try consuming it. It is because there are several antioxidants in it which will help in correcting the vision of a person. It also aids in improving the blood circulation throughout your body which also includes your eyes. Moreover, try not to wear glasses all the time. Depend on them but take them off frequently. It is because when you try to see things without glasses, your disturbed vision will hinder the clear image. But the positive part of it is that it promotes your natural unassisted vision.


So, these are some tips on how to improve eyesight. If you think that the problem is severe and you cannot take glasses anymore, try visiting doctor for the solution. Even if you do not have any problem associated with it, checking your doctor and getting your vision tested after a while will let you know where you stand in concern with your eyesight. Note that there are several medical solutions for people who want to get rid of eye problem. These include drops, pills, and even laser treatments and operations that will help in correcting your vision.

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