A look at the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

ancient egyptian gods

The ancient people believed that the world was filled with mysteries. They thought that things that go on around them are unknowable and scary. The Egyptians were particularly a firm believer, and the historical proofs and indications help us in knowing about the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. There are plenty of figures that we get from the history. However, here, we are going to discuss only a few of them.


The nut is a goddess known for symbolizing the sky. She was the mother of Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys. According to the ancient people, she was swallowing the setting sun (which is another god Ra) each day and gave birth to him on very next day.


Shu is known as the father of Nut and Geb. He was also the husband of Tefnut. Atum created Shu and Tefnut as first gods. Shu is known as the god of air and sunlight. Some more precise suggestions are that he was the god of dry air. He worked each day to hold up the body of Nut. It depicts that he was separating the sky from earth.


Get was the husband of Nut and is said to be the god that did not have any cult. He was the god of earth and was associated mainly with the fertility of the land. Moreover, the laughter of this inhuman creature was said to cause earthquakes.


Amun had his power grew with the city of Thebes as he was the chief Theban deity. He was also named as Amen, Amun, and Ammon. As the city grew, he became the patron of Theban pharaohs. Thus, he ultimately got mixed with Ra, the god of the sun, and was eventually known as Amun-Ra. Although you find a few pictures depicting this god, it was believed that the name Amun refers to ‘Hidden One, Mysterious of Form’ and, therefore, his true identity is always hidden.


Anubis is the son of Seth and Nephthys. He was said to be the one who protects the dead and was depicted as a jackal. He conducts the dead to the judgment hall. Moreover, the process of mummification is highly related to this god.


Among the ancient Egyptian gods, Bastet was shown as a woman with the head of a cat. At the start, she was said to be the avenging lioness deity. However, later, she became the goddess of pleasure.


The depiction of bes is unique when you talk about the ancient Egyptian gods as he was a dwarf with odd legs and tongue sticking out of his mouth. This shape was given to him to show that he was attached to entertainment and good times. Furthermore, the guardian of childbirth was another thing associated with this god. And this is not it; he went on at nights to chase demons and protected people from harmful animals.


There is a misconception that the Hapi was the god of river Nile. However, he was nothing more that the protector of its inundation. According to the historical subjects, Hapi was living in caves of the first cataract.


Hathor is a prominent figure in the history of ancient Egyptians. She was said to be Ra’s daughter. Moreover, she was also associated with women, love, beauty, pleasure and music. The name indicates towards the ‘House of Horus.’ Although much of her was associated with positivity, there was a negative part of her story. Ra sent her to earth for punishing humans for their wickedness. And on her mission, Hathor went on to be out of control, and she shed human blood recklessly. Ra was horrified by seeing this, and he trapped her by preparing a drink for her which was a mixture of beer, Mandrake, and blood. Drinking it, she was intoxicated and was unable to proceed with slaughtering.


Osiris and Isis gave birth to a boy Horus who went on to be the enemy of Seth. Impersonated as a hawk, he was the god of sky and diving protector. Horus was fighting with his Uncle Seth for a long time as it was believed that Seth killed his father for the throne. At last, Horus was victorious and took over the throne of Egypt from his uncle.


Isis, the wife of Osiris, was mainly associated with a funeral. She was believed to made first mummy and that too by the help of her dismembered part. Moreover, she was said to be the life giver, healer and the goddess who protect kings. Also known as the “Mother of God,” she is a prominent figure in the ancient Egyptian gods.


Khnum is shown as a man with ram head. The ancient people believe that he was the god of cataracts. He is also known as a potter and a creator god. The source of Nile River was under the protection of Khnum.


Khonsu is a highly popular figure in ancient Egypt as he was the former of Theban triad. His father was Amun and mother was Mut. He is known as a lunar deity. There are suggestions that Khonsu had the power to drive out evil spirits. The historic papers suggest that a Syrian King, a friend of Rameses II, got a statue of Khonsu from the latter for curing his daughter of a serious illness.


Osiris is among the most popular ancient gods as it was believed that he brought the civilization to mankind. He is also said to be the first mythological king of Egypt. His brother Seth killed him, but he was eventually brought back to life by Isis who was his wife. Ultimately, he went on to be the judge of the dead and ruler of the underworld.


Geb and Nut gave birth to Seth, and he was the god of darkness, chaos, and confusion. He killed his brother Osiris and was defeated by Horus who is the son of Isis. Although he was defeated, at times he accompanies Ra in his solar boat and causes the storms and bad weather.

So, these are a few ancient Egyptian gods. There are several other figures as well in the history of Egypt that you may wish to know. All of the gods are associated with a particularly significant thing that we see or event that we observe in our daily life.

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