Chris Christie: Bio, personal life and political career

Chris Christie

Christopher James Christie, better known simply as Chris Christie, is an American politician, lobbyist, and attorney. He was born in Newark and is an active and strong member of the Republican Party. Moreover, he also held the position of Governor of New Jersey and was the55th person to hold this seat. He is currently in the seat and has been here since January 2010. Going through his second term, his regime as Governor will end in January 2018. Here, we are going to take a look at Chris, his bio, personal life and political career.


Christie was born on 6th September 1962 in Newark New Jersey. His mother was Sondra A who was from a Sicilian ancestry and a telephone receptionist. His father was Wilbur James “Bill” Christie who was from Scottish, Irish and German ancestry and was a certified public accountant. From Newark, in 1967, his family was forced to move to Livingston due to the Newark riots. Chris was here until his graduation in 1980 from Livingston High School. In his high school, he was the catcher for the baseball team and the president of his class.

Chris’ father was a Republican while his mother was a Democratic. So, many people may think that it was his father who had aninfluence on him and he became a Republican. However, he mostly states that it was his mother who indirectly made him a Republican by insisting him to take part in volunteer program of agubernatorial candidate in 1977. It was here from where he got his inspiration as he met Tom Kean and his interest in politics got a boost.

He got the graduation degree from theUniversity of Delaware, and the title of his certificate was Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in the year 1984. He insisted on doing the same with Seton Hall University School of Law and got the degree with a J.D in 1987. From here onwards, he signed up for the New Jersey State Bar Association. Also, there was an option through which he registered for the US District Court for the District of New Jersey.

To reflect how good he was in Law, he was as he received thehonorary degree of adoctorate from the universities of Rutgers and Monmouth in 2010.

Personal Life of Chris Christie

In 1986, before he graduated from the Seton Hall, he married to a fellow student named Mary Pat Foster. She was Chris’ fellow at Delaware University. The shared a studio apartment in New Jersey after their marriage. Mary went on to establish her career in investment banking, and she signed up for a firm Cantor Fitzgerald at Wall Street. In 2001, she left the firm due to 1stSeptember attacks. And turning the fates, in April 2015, she was the managing director of Angelo, Gordon, and Co. which was also a Wall Street investment firm.

The couple together has four children, two sons, and two daughters. Their current residence is in Mendham Township.  Chris is also a sports enthusiast and a music lover.

Law and Political career

After completing the degree from Seton Hall, he started practicing law with the Dughi, Hewit and Palatucci which is a law firm of Cranford, New Jersey.Six years after that, in 1993, he was a partner in the firm. His field of specialization includes the securities law and appellate practice. Moreover, he is also an expert in election law and government affairs which have perhaps helped him in becoming what he is today.He holds the membership of American and New Jersey State Bar Associations. Not only this, but he also had a key position as the Election Law Committee of New Jersey State Bar Association.

The nominable start of political career was when Chris started running the re-election campaign of President George W. Bush. Here, he became close to Bill Palatucci who was the state director for Bush in New Jersey. So, Chris made a move to Mendham Township where he filed a suit against John H Dorsey who was the majority leader but was overturned. He made to the Board of Chosen Freeholders as a Republican in 1994, and there were certain allegations and issues that appeared afterward. There was some mismanagement or ‘errors’ in the document by Chris, and it was settled out of court with Chris acknowledging and apologizing.

From here onwards, he went on to do multiple things to gain power. This also made him constantly under the spotlight for a few reasons as there were always arguments on what he was doing and was it the right way of proceeding or not.

There are also a few other questions on Chris’ career as he had been known for lobbying. As soon as he lost the position as Chosen Freeholder due to his acts, he returned with full attention to his law firm. He opened a new office in Trenton, and along with Palatucci, he began lobbying. There are a number of allegations that include speaking for GFU Energy and deregulation of electric and gas industry to benefit them as well as working for Securities Industry Association for blocking security fraud inclusion in Consumer Fraud Act. Moreover, he was also under thelight when he got the approval and grants for Hackensack University and while the license of higher education was obtainedfor Phoenix University. Due to his services to the party, he was chosen to be the lawyer of Bush’s campaign in the state.


Right now, he holds the position of Governor of New Jersey. Chris Christie ran the campaign for the office in January 2009 and was helped by Thomas Kean. On 2nd June, he won the nomination from the Republican Party with 55% votes in his favor. Later in November, he went on to defeat Jon Corzine. 49% of the voters favored Chris while 45% were looking to see Jon Corzine holding the seat with the remaining 6% belonging to independent Chris Daggett. He holds the office since January 2010 and his second tenure will come to an end in January 2018.

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