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    ancient egyptian gods

    A look at the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

    The ancient people believed that the world was filled with mysteries. They thought that things that go on around them are unknowable and scary. The Egyptians were particularly a firm believer, and the historical proofs and indications help us in knowing about the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. There are plenty of figures that we […]

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    Watermelon nutrition facts

    Watermelon nutrition facts and it’s health benefits

    Watermelon and its origin: There are many large size fruits and watermelon is one of them. The origin of this fruit is Southern Africa. It has a quite large size and it has a thick green colored peel and the pulp is of red color with small seeds. The pulp is quite juicy and overall […]

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  • Pomegranate Weight Loss Benefits

    Pomegranate Weight Loss Benefits For Health

    Pomegranate is a red colored fruit that is grown by the shrub. The pomegranate is made up of thick and hard skin and inside of it, there is small juice-filled seeds which are eaten. There are different ways of serving it. It is eaten directly, its juice is also made and it is also used […]

  • When was basketball invented

    When was basketball invented? A glance at the history of basketball

    Basketball is among the sports that are popular all over the globe. There are thousands of people that play this game each day. As a fan of basketball, you may wish to know about the history of the game. A question may pop up in your mind that when was basketball invented? Who was the […]

  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandela as Boxer: What you may not know?

    Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, a person who is known for his revolutionary work, was a politician, and a philanthropist. Born on 18 July 1918, Mandela was the first black South African President, serving his country from 1994 to 1999. It was the first time that completely democratic elections were held in the country and Mandela was […]

  • best vacation spots

    Best vacation spots for people of all ages

    Travelling is something that provides you peace of mind. It will assist you in finding some relaxation for your soul. You will see that there are plenty of changes that yourself undergo while you travel from one place to another. No, we are not talking about the climate changes and stuff like that, we are […]

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    China Scholarships for International Students

    China Scholarships for International Students

    Education is the most important grooming part of our life. It sets our direction and aptitude. The world has recognized the value of education now and in some countries, the education is a must for every citizen. This articles includes the information about why China is best for scholarship programs and what are the programs […]

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    twitter audit

    How to Benefit from Twitter Audit? Check your audit score.

    Twitter is one of the most famous social media sites on the web. The concept of followers is a great way to know ones’ fame. The number of followers an individual has, the more famous he is. Like every social media site, Twitter also has a few fake profiles. These fake profiles when follow someone […]

  • Twitter Kanye West

    Twitter Kanye West Highlights in 2016

    Ever since the advent of the social media sites, every field of life has been getting attention. A person from one part of the world is now known to the rest of the world in an instant. An artist performs in LA is now live on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter, thus […]

  • instagram for ipad

    How to get Instagram for iPad? Interesting facts

    Almost everyone today has access to the web. Almost everyone has some sort of social media interaction on the web. The interaction is via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or many other social media online. The Instagram is one of the most famous social media which is mostly used to post photos. Many people who take photos […]